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High quality and tech-focused products and services for Broadcasting and Multimedia Industry Such as Broadcasting Equipment,Live Video Streaming Device etc.

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About Us

MultiVirt India Private Limited is serving the challenging market of Broadcast and Multimedia Industry as a supplier and service provider. Our experience results in extensive core competency in media technologies and applications. We have started our operations in the year 1995 and till now have various prestigious organizations with reliable consultancy services, system integration know-how, and turnkey solutions. In addition to this, we also provide Restaurant Digital Signage Solution, Digital Signage Solution, Electronic Education Signage Solution, Hotel Interactive IPTV, Watch Live TV Channels, Live Lectures Services, etc.

Customers have appreciated us in every facet of these services right from broadcasting, mobile, web technologies, and interactive multimedia. Owing to our knowledge and experience, we are able to provide content and software application development solutions keeping the latest technological trends in the market. Apart from the above, we provide an extensive line of products such as Digital Cable TV Head End, Encoder Cum Modulator For Local Channel Insertion, Satellite Decoders, IRDS, Edges Cam, Multiplexers, Scrambler, and others. We also help in video conversion program and video program packaging.

We maintain a professional approach in each of our business endeavors and have played a major role in channelizing the industry of Set Top Box, IPTV, Dish Antennas, Distribution Equipment, Optical Transmission Equipment, Digital Signage Solution, Wireless Digital Signage Solution and other products. We have also developed wireless digital signage solution name OOHMP DS. OOHMP Shikshak which has been designed to help educational institutes solve the issues related to TV distribution technology. We also provide support for location independent broadcast, processing production, news aggregation, and consistent distribution solutions.

Our Market Edge

  • Reliable products and solutions
  • Professional approach
  • Ethical business practices
  • Years of experience
Our Commitment

We are committed to provide extraordinary solutions to the customers with a range of low cost solutions for ENG (Electronic News Gathering). Our strong technological background with innovative and affordable technology development strategy has helped us to provide technically superior Satellite Decoders, IRDS, Edges Cam, Multiplexers, Scrambler, Set Top Box, Cable Set Top Box, IPTV, Dish Antennas, Distribution Equipment, Digital Cable TV Head End, Optical Transmission Equipment and various others. We also provide consultancy on installation, operation, and maintenance of these products resulting in consistent and outstanding performance.

Our Product Portfolio

We Are Supplier And Service Provider Dealing In The Following:
  • Digital Cable TV Head End
  • Encoder Cum Modulator For Local Channel Insertion
  • Satellite Decoders
  • IRDS
  • Edges Cam
  • Multiplexers
  • Scrambler
  • Set Top Box, Cable Set Top Box
  • IPTV
  • Dish Antennas
  • Distribution Equipment
  • Optical Transmission Equipments
  • Wireless Digital Signage Solution
  • Wireless Digital Signage Platform
  • Digital Over The Top (OTT) solutions
Some of the market segments where our solutions are useful:
  • Restaurants - Digital Signage
  • University/Colleges – Digital White Boards
  • Hospitals – Digital Signage and OTT
  • Hotels -  Interactive IPTV
  • Buses/Ferries etc – Audio/Visual Entertainment on the move, digital OTT
  • Retail showrooms – Digital Signage
  • Education – Interactive lectures/tutions

Our Team

We work with trained, and experienced project engineers having dedication and commitment to meet the most challenging requirement of the customers. Our team is well-trained for providing onsite support and training and along with the vast experience in digital video, baseband video, information technology, and interactive media. Our development activities are supported by industry best marketing team that provide unique solutions to meet the visual computing needs of the customers. We welcome customers from all corners to solve their technical challenges and that too within their budgets.

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