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Restaurant Digital Signage

Restaurant Digital Signage
Restaurant Digital Signage
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Product Code : DSFE 08
Product Description


  • Listing daily meals and drink specials is done by nearly every bar and restaurant. You can use a this product to display text or video to announce the specials. You will never again have to worry about constantly rewriting the menu items or replacing fliers. Digital signage will do the work for you. You can schedule each item to be displayed when you want it.
  • You can also use the digital signage to inform your customers about various promotional events that you are hosting. This could be anything from a weekend offers, happy hour times or other special event like birthday party hosting facility etc.
  • If you run a restaurant this is the perfect way to welcome diners. After welcoming your customers you can also use digital signage to display the waiting list for a table and provide a list of the next party to be served. This will not only save you from having to repeatedly inform customers when their name will be called but can reduce long waiting lists and will improve the satisfaction of diners.
  • We can also use digital signage to raise advertising revenue. We can rent out part of the screen space to other related companies that you think would be of interest to your customers. For instance, if you run a sports bar you could work with your local sparing good store or with local athletic clubs or teams. This will then increase your profits and will help your customers as well.
  • It can be used to display messages related to guests in the bar or restaurant like display of birthday, anniversary wishes etc. This can help creating loyal customers and connecting with them emotionally as well.This can also be a paid messaging thus creating another revenue stream for the owners that can in fact sustain the installation cost of the product.
  • The other very important information that can be displayed on this signage related to customers is parking information. At times customers park vehicles which obstruct the passage of other people.Information flashed on for such vehicles can reduce the burden on staff who around looking for the vehicle owner.


  • Menu boards help display various menu options during the day. Now you can customize your menu for breakfast, lunch, or dinner and so on.

  • Nutritional information, calorie update. It can be easily conveyed to the customers through the digital signage means-easy to update and easy to configure.

  • Digital signage provides restaurant and bars owners with flexibility, versatility, effective communication and cost efficient solutions in order to reach its customers.

  • Improved order efficiency to reduce the burdens that long lines place on the customer.

  • Reduction in the number of the staff required and a significant decrease in the associated costs (such as staff training).

  • Higher sales resulting from the improved order efficiency.

  • Better loyalty and customer retention.

  • Additional revenue can be generated by providing advertising slots to other related products and services.


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